Product Name : Fermentation room
Product Description
  • The fermentation room is a customized product and will be customized according to the site(space) conditions provided by the customer.
description Product Introduction
  1. The output demand is large, is the output speed of the proofer fermentation too slow? Let Chuan-Kuei solve it for you! We will go to the site to measure and estimate the production capacity, and then design and plan. The fermentation room is tailor-made and the large space provides humidity and temperature. The fermentation room designed by Chuan-Kuei allows you to improve work efficiency and achieve the added value of the enterprise.

Product are widely used in things that can be steamed, e.g. the following categories:

Fermentation of food such as sour dough, bao, steamed bun, peach bun, BBQ pork bun, bread and other foods...